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Meet Rick Page

West Michigan is a fantastic place to raise your family, grow your business, and pursue the interests and causes most important to you.

My family and I have lived in Holland for more than 30 years and we continue to be active in much of what our area offers, such as Camp Sunshine, our local church and our community’s school programs. I enjoy grilling, gardening, DIY projects, and spending time with my wife Jeanne and our 3 girls, Greta, Abbie, and Lydia.


People are always moving up, out, renovating, or transitioning to a different stage in their lives.

And every person who is thinking about one of these possible scenarios relies heavily on their own unique hopes, dreams, and goals to shape their decisions.

As a full-time professional realtor with 30 years of experience in Holland and west Michigan, I understand this.

It’s YOUR unique hopes, dreams, and goals that matter most when it comes to your investment in real estate.

I also believe OPPORTUNITY is often hidden in every circumstance and economy and I would look forward to working together to clarify and explore the range of opportunities available to you.

I’m proud of the track record of success for my real estate clients.

And you can count on me as well to –

  • offer you open and friendly two-way communications
  • place your goals and interests first
  • outline all of your options
  • provide you with ongoing information and updates

Most importantly, I want to serve you in a way that allows you to feel comfortable and confident about your real estate decision.

In my 30-year real estate career, I’ve learned –

  • sometimes people just need a knowledgeable expert with fresh ideas and proven approaches
  • sometimes people just need extra support due to the burdens of stress, deadlines, family uncertainty, or limited expertise
  • and sometimes the best real estate decisions don’t always involve buying or selling at all, as renovating or simply staying put occasionally prove to be better options for some people

Remember, whatever your situation and related real estate decision, you don’t have to walk through it alone.

If you’d like to gain a better understanding of your current and future real estate options, call or text me.

If you’d like to have experienced and professional guidance in navigating the various stages and legalities involved with real estate, call or text me.

And if you’d like to avoid the many ways real estate decisions and transactions can drain your time, emotions, and money, call or text me.

I’m here and ready to put my knowledge and experience to work for you.

Thanks for your consideration.

Rick Page

cell / text: (616) 836-2405

email: rick@rickpagerealtor.com

cell / text: (616) 836-2405